About M.P. Hardwood Floors

MP Hardwood Flooring inc. is a well known company with a respectable name that has grown to be one of the most reputable flooring companies in Westchester county and the try state area. Our goal is to provide the best service and value to our customers.

About the Founder and CEO

In 1998 Marco Pires started MP Hardwood floors inc. Marco started his company in Greenwich, CT. Marco inmediately recognized the potential of continuing his craft, and decided that it would be his goal to provide the best in hard wood flooring service on the tri state area. 

MP Hardwood floors inc. has successfully completed installation, sanding, and refinishing jobs all over the tri state area. MP Hardwood floors inc. has worked with many home owners as well as contractors and real state developers.

The company’s promise to its customers is that all work will be done by MP Hardwood Floor’s employees, providing in-house expertise, and no projects will ever be sub-contracted out. Marco and his supervisors will personally oversees each job on all phases: installation, sanding, and finishing.

MP Hardwood floors inc. will make sure satisfaction as it has been doing it over the years with many happy clients. Marco also believes sharing his knowledge and experience so customers can be pleased and fully satisfied.


Why Hardwood Floors?

It is obvious, Hardwood floors are just gorgeous and a great value booster to any property. Hardwood flooring provides lasting beauty, character, and durability. It is the ideal choice when comparing to carpet or tile. 


There are many types, colors, and looks and finishing treatments to choose from. The choices are almost infinite.







Hardwood floors have distinctive characteristics making each floor uniquely beautiful.


Surprisingly the value in many cases is cheaper than its couterparts and when you consider longevity it is a clear winner.


Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and keep clean. Simply wipe up any spills, sweep and vacuum as needed.

Wear and tear

With today's tough finishes, hardwood floors stand up to the wear and tear of any active room including kitchens and bathrooms.